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Re: F10: Does not seem to work with an older system: Client-Pro: DX5000

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> Sorry for the email threading issue, I am not receiving emails directly
> as there is a problem somewhere at my email server end or my ISP end
> as posted in another topic.
Not a problem - I am glad that problem has been worked out now.

> I suspected it had to be RAM limitations.  Makes sense.  I have
> another system with a slower processor (677MHz) but with more
> RAM (512M), and F10 installs quite smoothly.  I guess the jump
> from F9 to F10 (Live CD) requires significantly more RAM space.

If you use the install CD image from the install DVD, you should
have less memory problems, especially if you do a text install. If
you have a fast Internet connection, or can put the DVD image on a
local server, the install should go as fast, or faster then
installing from the live CD, and also give you more options on what
packages to install.

I like to download the DVD image, loop mount it and server it out on
my local web server. I set up a USB "pen" drive to boot the
installer, and upgrade/install from the local network. (Now if only
all the machines were configured the same - then I could play with

> I think I will install F9 but it may turn out to be very slow and with
> high disk swapping @ 256MB RAM.  I'll find out soon enough!
You can help this by using a window manager with a smaller memory
footprint, instead of using Gnome or KDE desktops. I have used
Blackbox and Fluxbox before. I am sure you will get lots of options
if you ask about it.

> I guess I will have to budget later to add more RAM to the DX5000.
> The RIMMS are expensive  and I'll need (2) 512M modules @ $59.95
> ea or (2) 256MB modules @ $39.00 ea.  The DX5000 requires two RAM
> modules, same-make, in order to function properly per specs.
> Thanks for confirming my suspicions!
> Dan
It makes you wonder if you would be better off replacing the machine
with a faster one, or switching to a distribution with a lower
memory requirement for that machine. (There are still distributions
out there that will run in 24MB of RAM.)


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