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Re: NetworkManager disabling networking over a suspend

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:

> Has anyone else seem this recently, my F9 laptop (running X86_64, and
> up-to-date) has recently been real finicky about whether or not it will
> restore the wireless connection it had when it was suspended.  More
> often than not (lately) NM comes back in "networking disabled" mode
> rather that in enabled mode and attempting to restore the previous
> wireless connection.  Granted, telling NM to re-enable networking is
> usually sufficient to restore the wireless connection, but I don't
> remember having to do a lot of this in the past.  OK, maybe some manual
> network password specifying in the pop-up window, but not the networking
> disabled condition.

I have had this problem, with F-9 and F-10, for some time.

Also, I don't find it as easy as you suggest to re-connect.
I get into the dreaded infinite loop,
where NM asks me repeatedly for my key.
[NM seems to suffer from short-term memory loss.]

I have to re-boot, which makes suspension rather pointless.

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