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Re: Question for our users

On Monday 19 January 2009 14:34:55 Mike McGrath wrote:
> Hello Fedora Users!  I was wondering if everyone wouldn't mind answering
> the following questions for me to the list.
> What is Fedora (the operating system)?
An operating system that guarantees that its large range of packages are all 
free, open source packages.

> Who uses Fedora?
A wide range of people, from near-new Linux users to those with many years' 
experience of system administration.

> Who should use Fedora?
Anyone who likes living at the bleeding edge, watching new developments and 
helping them to develop their potential.  They should have systems that are 
not crucial to a business, as there will be times when new issues surface that 
may make working with an application temporarily difficult.

One person's view only, of course.


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