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Re: mount question [SOLVED]

Steve wrote:
> I'm still left with many questions that I think are not so easy to answer.
> What overwrote my fstab file in the first place?
No idea
> Why did it get overwritten without any notification?
No idea.
> Why did whatever overwrote it decide for me that my Windows
> partition should be removed?
It doesn't like Windows? :)
> Why does mount report that a filesystem is of type fuseblk when
> the type requested was ntfs-3g?
If I remember correctly, NTFS-3G works in user space, and uses FUSE
to do the mounting.
> Why is there no mention of type fuseblk in the mount man page or
> in the fstab man page?man mount?
There should probable be a see also pointing to FUSE. But there
doesn't seem to be a fuse man page. You may want to read the
documentation in /usr/share/doc/fuse-2.7.4.
> Why does mount report "permission denied" instead of something
> like "bad type" when it gets an incorrect type?
The error message is most likely generated by the mount.fuse helper
application. It really should be improved. I am used to seeing it
when rpm is checking for free space, and it tries to read my
fuse-mounted encrypted directory. It is possible to mount file
systems using fuse that root cannot access.


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