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Re: Printers

Around 03:24pm on Monday, January 19, 2009 (UK time), Michael Comperchio scrawled:

> What would be the best choice in inexpensive printers for use with 
> Fedora? I'm relatively new to F10, though I've used Linux before. I'm 
> hoping to never have to boot to the windoze side again.  But printing 
> and the inability to sync up with my Palm Lifedrive are the major 
> holdups for that. I can probably live without the Livedrive...but I do 
> need to print

Define inexpensive, or at least give some idea of what you need, inkjet
or laser, mono or colour.

I tend to use HP and find very few problems - it may not be considered
inexpensive by some but I am extremely happy with my HP Color LaserJet


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