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Re: Question for our users

Around 03:38pm on Monday, January 19, 2009 (UK time), Ed Greshko scrawled:

> Mike McGrath wrote:
> > Hello Fedora Users!  I was wondering if everyone wouldn't mind answering
> > the following questions for me to the list.
> >
> > What is Fedora (the operating system)?
> >   
> There is no "Fedora" operating system.
> Anyone that tells you otherwise is either mis-informed or otherwise
> ignorant.

Fedora is a distribution of GNU/Linux.  To a newcomer thinking of it as
an operating system is probably the best way in - IMH(and probably
mistaken)O.  It will broadly give you the equivalent functionality that
many people get by using a MS Windows Operating System on their

However, and most importantly, using any terms such as Operating System,
GNU/Linux, etc. will imediatly spawn the longest thread this month, and
give you a much better idea of the different sorts of people who use,
love, hate, fight over, discuss, argue and debate Fedora.  Just don't
mention Ubuntu.  :-)


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