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Re: Printers

Around 04:00pm on Monday, January 19, 2009 (UK time), Michael Comperchio scrawled:

> Inexpensive as in I'm not working steadily right now and there doesn't 
> seem to be a lot of hiring going on any where. I'm talking about going 
> to Staples or Circuit City or the like and not spending much more that a 
> $100... I just want to print up some business cards and intro letters to 
> take to the small businesses in the area to hustle up some work.

Well if you can aford it I think a laser printer would give you better
quality and overall better running costs.  I'm in the UK, but I can see
a some Brother laser printers for $150 on staples site.  I haven't used
Brother, but others seem happy with them.

Do you have a printer at the moment that you just can't get to work with

Good luck with the work


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