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Re: Printers

Trey Sizemore wrote:
> On Mon Jan 19, 2009 09:35AM, Mike Chambers wrote:
>> HP printers seem to be very well supported.  Also I think Brothers
>> printers are as well.  I don't know about Lexmark, but they may be
>> supported good now, or at least better than before.
> I'll second the HP and Brother recommendation.  They have worked great
> for me for a couple of years now.
> I'll continue to buy these brands.
I am running a Brother multi-function laser now, and I am very happy
with it. Brother even has a program to monitor the function keys on
the front of it. About the only thing I am not happy about it the
way you have to "print" to the FAX. You have to put the dialing
information in a file before faxing. Then again, I don't use the
print-to-fax function often anyway.

My only experience with HP is with their older printers, so I can
not comment on current ones. I have used Lexmark, but I was not real
happy with them. (Then again, I do not really like inkjets...)


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