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Re: Question for our users

Mike McGrath wrote:
I'm the Fedora Project's Infrastructure Lead so yes.  I have an opinion.

Do you want to gain knowledge/information or just throwing
words/questions?  What is your purpose?

I generally like staying behind the scenes.  There were some questions
raised recently (by myself) if we're getting our message out as to what
Fedora actually is and who it is for.  So I've asked on the list to see
what people who use it think.

Don't you think that by revealing your position and purpose you've effectively skewed any further useful information gathering? My thoughts when I read the first post in this thread was that someone who had no background in Fedora was trying to get an idea of what it was. That made the questions seem at least appropriate to be coming from someone unfamiliar with Fedora. The questions seemed very basic and "newbie-ish" to be coming from someone is your position.

Knowing that, it starts to seem that you're taking a poll of sorts to collect some information about what we as Fedora users think about Fedora and it's purpose. Nothing wrong with taking a poll. But I think you should have stated the purpose more clearly from the start along with who it was wanting to collect the information.

What is Fedora?
A "flavor" of Linux somewhere in the bleeding edge/leading edge area.

Who uses Fedora?
I do at home to keep up on what's happening with Linux/Fedora because I admin quite a few systems running Fedora/Centos/Scientific Linux as an occupation.

Who should use Fedora?
Anyone curious about it, or that needs/wants what Linux and it's various flavors can offer and can also stand a few glitches and bugs here and there. It's not perfect but it works for me. It's probably not appropriate for those with little computer experience unless they are willing to teach themselves how an operating system works and how to fix it when things go wrong. In the past I've suggested to friends that they try Fedora. But only to the friends that I think have enough computer knowledge to handle things without too much trouble. For other friends I would suggest something less leading edge but more stable, maybe Ubuntu. And for other friends further down the computer skills ladder I don't suggest it all.

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