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Re: Question for our users

Alan Cox wrote:
Fedora is a distribution of Linux that is used by Red Hat as a testing ground to prove and test software for its flagship Red Hat Enterprise

Actually Fedora Project is a distribution of Linux by the Fedora Project,
and given its focus on things like NetworkManager and end user desktop
its hardly just a testing ground for enterprise software. In fact much of
Fedora is stuff nobody would ship in an enterprise distribution...

Linux. Red Hat was, at one point, a free, open source distribution until

It still is.

the model was changed and now Red Hat is a purchased, enterprise-level distribution of Linux

The code is free, and you can get that code from people like Centos all
nicely packaged up and ready to go. RHEL is basically service, support,
certification, compatibility testing and training built around free
Only thing is the branding. CentOS, from what I remember, got hammered for a little bit because there were RH logos and stuff still in the Cent branch a little bit after RH went commercial. It has been a while though so I could be in error on that. Just my random 2cents.


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