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Re: Question for our users

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 9:34 AM, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:

> What is Fedora (the operating system)?

A leading distro of Linux with pushing-the-edge tools and experimental
features, the better of which find their way into stable distros like
CentOS and RedHat.  Carefully crafted to avoid software encumbered by
licenses, patents or DRM.

> Who uses Fedora?

Many people with many different agendas. Requires better-than-average
skills and provides less hand-holding that some other more
consumer-oriented distros.

Oh, and the Fedora-Users mailing list is an especially bad
self-selected group of: (1) people who'd like to help out by answering
questions, (2) people who are unhappy that Fedora doesn't support
their proprietary hardware, DRM'd media, or their
Linux-shall-take-over-the-world-agenda, or (3) people frustrated and
looking for help in getting Fedora working on their machine.

> Who uses Fedora?

Generally, people who resent being called "users." "Users" assume a
producer-consumer push model, rather than a cooperative environment of
people who each contribute in their own way. There are very active
contributors, people paid by their employer to be contributors, people
who contribute elsewhere in the ecosystem, infrequent contributors,
and those who haven't found their opportunity to contribute back yet.

> Who should use Fedora?

Many people, many agendas. People who want to understand what's coming
down the line for them to support (i.e., their "users" to screw up) in
future versions of stable distros. People who enjoy toying with more
cutting-edge tools. People working with the more recent hardware who
want it supported. People who worship at the feet of nico's and
mizmo's amazing artwork. People too cheap to pay for a "real" distro
and support. People who hate the brown theme of that other distro.
People just trying to get their job done. People who like to say "yum"
more than "apt." People who appreciate the similarities in supporting
Fedora and it's downstream derivatives. People working at Red Hat who
want to work on something, well, less boring. Lots of people, many

May we ask a question of you, Mike? Why do you ask?

Remembering that it is Martin Luther King Day,

Ted "Linux People are Irascible!" "No, they're not!" Roche
Ted Roche & Associates, LLC

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