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Re: Printers

Michael Comperchio wrote:

Inexpensive as in I'm not working steadily right now and there doesn't seem to be a lot of hiring going on any where. I'm talking about going to Staples or Circuit City or the like and not spending much more that a $100... I just want to print up some business cards and intro letters to take to the small businesses in the area to hustle up some work.

Most printers don't cost a lot of money these days. Where you'll end up paying through the nose is in printer ink/toner and other supplies. That's the renewable resource that prices have gone up through the roof on, because that's how printer companies can guarantee continued income from. The "free" Dell 720P printer that came with my wife's new computer 3 years ago costs $35 per ink cartridge and they don't last as long as the cartridges from the Canon printer they replaced.

I've had my Linux system print to an HP-550c, Epson Stylus 400, Epson Stylus 440, Canon S500, the Dell 720P, a Canon i470D, and a Samsung CLP-510 color laser. Of them all, the Canon i470D was the hardest to get working properly. A lot of them were on Windows hosts and configuring them through SMB was a challenge, especially on XP hosts where you now need passwords where you didn't on W95/8. All work well with Cups if you can find the correct printer driver.

Experience on this list shows that most HP and Brother printers work with Cups "right out of the box", ie its easy to find the right printer driver.

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