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Re: Internal IDE DVD Burner

Robin Laing wrote:
Gene Poole wrote:

I think I've run into a bad DVD burner/reader and maybe someone can help. At home I've got 5-internal DVD burners and at work I have 1-external DVD burner at my disposal. Of these 6-burners I'm pretty sure I know the brand names of most (2-Sony; 1-HP; 1-eMachine; 1-Pioneer; 1-LiteOn) based upon the machines they are in. I know the Sony's are the same even though 1 is internal and the other external. The burner I seem to be have the problem with is the Pioneer. It doesn't seem to process a Fedora 9 x86_64 or CentOS 5.2 x86_64 installation DVD - even if the thing was burned on it! All of the blank DVDs are +R and I use Verbatim, HP, Imation, and TDK. Currently the machine that houses the Pioneer is the only x86_64 machine I have, so I have no way to test on another machine. The only install DVD that is working is Fedora 8 and Fedora 10. I want to install CentOS 5 as it's the most like the Red Hat 5.1 I support at work and I want to run Oracle on my machine. How can I verify a x86_64 install DVD on a non-x86_64 machine (I've done the md5sum and sha1sum process at DVD creation time)? Is it because I've burned a x86_64 DVD on a i386 machine causing me a problem? Should I just try -R DVDs? Should I lower the burn speed? Is the phantom of the DVD haunting me? TIA,

I had a problem with burning DVD's and it turned out to be the power supply. The voltage was at the lower limit as measured with a volt meter but when burning DVD's would go below the required voltage. It was a pretty new power supply. A new drive didn't fix the problem.

The BIOS and sensor both said the supply was within spec but using a Fluke showed otherwise.

The sensors and BIOS can only check the motherboard power, not the power
at the drives.  The +12VDC at the mobo usually comes from a different
regulator in the power supply than the +12VDC on the drive connectors
(good thing, too).  As Robin says, nothing beats a good DVM when
debugging flakey stuff.
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