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Re: Question for our users

OK, I will bite.

Mike McGrath wrote:
Hello Fedora Users!  I was wondering if everyone wouldn't mind answering
the following questions for me to the list.

What is Fedora (the operating system)?
To me the best OS on the market. It works day in and day out on any system that I have installed it on. It isn't Windows and it isn't Ubuntu.

Who uses Fedora?
I know and work with many people that use it. I have seen it used on small computers, robots, the XO, servers and clusters. I use it at home on all of our machines. Have not owned a copy of Windows since Windows 3.11. Don't use Windows at work either. Fedora 10 (64bit).

Schools and governments use Linux of which some are Fedora.

Who should use Fedora?
To me? Everyone. Well for the new to Linux crowd, Ubuntu is better but that is basically in regards to the "questionable packages." With a little configuration it is easy to set up a full system in hours.

If you have a machine with a small hard drive, the Fedora is great. I just installed a full setup for a local club on a 30Gig drive. All the software takes up less than 8Gig and believe me, I have installed a lot of software.

If you have a need for a wide range of software and on any type of budget, Fedora is the only way to go. Ok, any version of Linux is a good way to go, just to be honest. :)

Thanks all!


You are welcome.
Robin Laing

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