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Re: network manager / vpnc question

Mail Lists wrote:
  I have set up a vpnc connection just fine (to cisco) - while there is
a button to add routes, it seems to not understand the usual ip route
arguments ...

  I need to keep a default route via a standard gateway (not using the
vpnc tun0 route) and then set a bunch of other routes to tun0 .. ie i
need to create these routes and am stumped how to do them -

  At its simplest,  i'd like the routing table to be unchanged from
before I connect vpnc (esp the default route) which I asume 'ignore
automatically obtained routes' radio button will do - and in addition
add these 2 routes - which I cannot find how to do:

   ip route add x.x.x.x/16 dev tun0
   ip route add y.y.y.y/17 dev tun0

 Also I don't know for sure I will get 'tun0' so it should probably be a
meta token but the window to add routes only takes gateway ip type of
routes ...

  It would be nice if NM allowed a program to be called after (and maybe
before) the connection - that would be helpful when one needs to adjust
other things, (mailertables, ntp, privoxy settings etc etc).

  Does anyone know if this is possible today ?

Yes, it is.

All scripts in:
are examined upon every connect and disconnect.

There are several examples in there already on F10.

Good Luck!

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