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Re: mount question [SOLVED]

---- "Mikkel L. Ellertson" <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote: 
> Steve wrote:
> > 
> > I'm still left with many questions that I think are not so easy to answer.
> > 
> > What overwrote my fstab file in the first place?
> No idea
> > Why did it get overwritten without any notification?
> No idea.
> > Why did whatever overwrote it decide for me that my Windows
> > partition should be removed?
> It doesn't like Windows? :)

Who does!?

> > Why does mount report that a filesystem is of type fuseblk when
> > the type requested was ntfs-3g?
> If I remember correctly, NTFS-3G works in user space, and uses FUSE
> to do the mounting.
> > Why is there no mention of type fuseblk in the mount man page or
> > in the fstab man page?man mount?
> There should probable be a see also pointing to FUSE. But there
> doesn't seem to be a fuse man page. You may want to read the
> documentation in /usr/share/doc/fuse-2.7.4.
> > Why does mount report "permission denied" instead of something
> > like "bad type" when it gets an incorrect type?
> > 
> The error message is most likely generated by the mount.fuse helper
> application. It really should be improved. I am used to seeing it
> when rpm is checking for free space, and it tries to read my
> fuse-mounted encrypted directory. It is possible to mount file
> systems using fuse that root cannot access.

I think I'll write an RFE on the util-linux-ng package requesting a better error message and better documentation, assuming that there isn't one already.

I updated to F9 this past weekend and it went smoother than I had anticipated. My fstab was overwritten again and my Windows partition mount was removed again but at least I know how to fix that now.

My only other problem is that if set any time for "Put computer to sleep when inactive for:, System->Prefernces->System->Power Management, the computer does go to sleep at the appropriate time but it can not be woken up again. This issue was discussed on this list last Nov or Dec and it appears that it hasn't been fixed yet.


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