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Re: Ideal Swap Partition Size

Rick Stevens wrote:
> Note you're still limited to eight swap areas, but the 2GB limit per
> area goes away.  Swap files aren't as fast as swap partitions, but
> that's part of the penalty you pay for getting rid of the 2GB limit.
> Your mileage may vary, batteries not included, etc. etc.
From the mkswap man page:

The maximum useful size of a swap area depends on the architecture
and the  kernel  version.  It is roughly 2GiB on i386, PPC, m68k,
ARM, 1GiB on sparc, 512MiB on mips, 128GiB on alpha and 3TiB on
sparc64. For kernels after 2.3.3 there is no such limitation.


Presently, Linux allows 32 swap areas (this was 8 before Linux
2.4.10). The areas in use can be seen in the file /proc/swaps (since


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