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Re: NetworkManager disabling networking over a suspend

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Agile Aspect wrote:

Has anyone else seem this recently, my F9 laptop (running X86_64, and
up-to-date) has recently been real finicky about whether or not it
will restore the wireless connection it had when it was suspended.
More often than not (lately) NM comes back in "networking disabled"
mode rather that in enabled mode and attempting to restore the
previous wireless connection.  Granted, telling NM to re-enable
networking is usually sufficient to restore the wireless connection,
but I don't remember having to do a lot of this in the past.  OK,
maybe some manual network password specifying in the pop-up window,
but not the networking disabled condition.

I deleted the NM profile for the connection and added it again
- now it works properly.

What exactly does "delete the NM profile" mean?

I first created a new connection by clicking on NM icon
and used it instead of the old one

I vaguely remember trying not to delete the original entry
until I the new one was working.

I can't remember if I actually deleted it afterwords - or if
it just disappeared later. I intended to delete it :) - and it
was gone the next time I connected.

At the time, my laptop was the only one not able to connect.

And I'm not around any wireless networks today either.

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