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Re: Question for our users

On Monday 19 January 2009 11:17:23 Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> "multimedia" (home-) users, "office"-desktop users, linux-newcomers or
> server-/multi-users should avoid Fedora.

Well, let's see, I've got two instances of F10 sitting here beside me in my 
home, and they both can play any flavor of multi-media I throw at them

I have two F10 desktop usages in my office, and if you are referring to that 
"Office" which is a product from Redmond, I even have that running on one 
machine at work - use it all the time...

Five and a half years ago, the very first distro I tried was FC1 - it was my 
first venture into the world of Linux - since then, I've loaded and used at 
least 30-40 other distributions, but I keep giving up on them and keep coming 
back to Fedora

I have one Fedora server at home, and one at work; they're not doing 
Enterprise level serving, but they're doing serious serving with a wide range 
of services; neither one has ever been down for more than a day, and that has 
been extremely seldom - I have migrated each through each version of Fedora 
over the years with nary a hiccup...

As to multi-users - I do have one server set up as multi-user, but it doesn't 
get used for anything but secure FTP access, so I guess that doesn't really 
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD

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