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Re: Has anyone else's mouse/keyboard gone kind of wonky in recent days ?

I had a wireless mouse as well (not bluetooth, and not infrared - just RF wireless.
Worked for a while, then went wacky and from there to dead.
Seems that once they start going wacky, just replace them.

So, I have replaced it with a bluetooth mouse. Problem is, it will not stay connected :( I have to do hidd --connect B1:C4:98:31:07:14 every time it gets disconnected.
In the bluetooth preferences, I have set the time to
"Make Adapter Invisible After:"  to Never.
Still, it disconnects after a while.

Linuxguy123 wrote:
My mouse has gone wonky in recent days.  About 30% of the time I get a
double click or a click and drag when I just want a click.

Its a Logitech wireless.  Its worked fine until a few days ago.  I put
in new batteries, no change.

A couple days ago I had a problem with my wireless Logitech keyboard
repeating chars when I wasn't expecting it to as well.

As far as I can tell, nothing has changed hardware wise and I have not
made changed any system settings.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior ?   Any ideas why I would be ?


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