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Re: Question for our users

Claude Jones wrote:
On Monday 19 January 2009 11:17:23 Ralf Corsepius wrote:
"multimedia" (home-) users, "office"-desktop users, linux-newcomers or
server-/multi-users should avoid Fedora.

Well, let's see, I've got two instances of F10 sitting here beside me in my home, and they both can play any flavor of multi-media I throw at them

Well, then you likely have packages from other sources but the Fedora Distro installed.

Vanilla Fedora doesn't have support for many common multimedia dataformats and lacks tools which would be required for many common multimedia tasks (e.g. Video DVD authoring/editing).

I have two F10 desktop usages in my office, and if you are referring to that "Office" which is a product from Redmond, I even have that running on one machine at work - use it all the time...
No, I was referring to deploying Fedora in "office-like situation", i.e. to be used by "non-technical" people, who are using not much more than "text processor, spreadsheet, internet browser, email, scanner, printer, fax".

For them, an OS and the SW they are using are supposed to "just work out of the box". They will throw away Fedora at the very moment, they'll be confronted with SELinux alerts or package-kits update alerts or when they experience the poor shape of certain key components in Fedora currently are in.

Five and a half years ago, the very first distro I tried was FC1 - it was my first venture into the world of Linux - since then, I've loaded and used at least 30-40 other distributions, but I keep giving up on them and keep coming back to Fedora
Well, ... Fedora is the "one-eyed king amongst the blind"? ;)

I have one Fedora server at home, and one at work; they're not doing Enterprise level serving, but they're doing serious serving with a wide range of services; neither one has ever been down for more than a day, and that has been extremely seldom
Congratulations, you must have been extremely lucky :-)

I am using Fedora in a similar scenario, but my experience is different than yours. With each Fedora release something else "what used to work for years" is fundamentally messed up :(


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