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Re: How to update from rpm 4.4 to rpm 5.0

JD wrote:
> Dear list,
> My current system has
> rpm-
> rpm-libs-
> rpm-python-
> I want to update to
> rpm-perl-5.0-0.2.0
> rpm-libs-5.0-0.2.0
> rpm-build-5.0-0.2.0
> rpm-5.0-0.2.0
> rpm-python-5.0-0.2.0
> The 5.0 builds are made for my version of fedora.
> How can I update to the new 5.0 stuff safely, so that
> I am not left without an rpm tool.
> The dependencies are so many, I am not sure how I can
> update and not break the dependents.
Use yum to do the update. It will manage any dependencies. It also
takes care of not removing the old version before the new version is
installed. (That is why it first gets all the packages, does the
install, and then does cleanup.)


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