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Re: How to update from rpm 4.4 to rpm 5.0

JD wrote:
> How can I update to the new 5.0 stuff safely, so that
> I am not left without an rpm tool.


"RPM 5.0" comes from a completely different project than the RPM shipped by
Fedora. They have the name and history in common, but the codebases are
diverging rapidly.

The RPM in Fedora comes from http://rpm.org/ . The latest version there is
4.6.0-rc3. Releases with 4.4.[3-9], 4.5 or 5.x version numbers come from
http://rpm5.org/ and are not fully compatible with Fedora. The lower
version numbers of the rpm.org releases do not mean they're older, the
projects just use different version numbers in order not to conflict
(because both refused to change the name, as each project sees itself as
the legitimate RPM project).

In addition, upgrading RPM to a new major version is a bad idea even if you
use the rpm.org releases. The best way to get a newer RPM is to upgrade to
a newer version of Fedora. Fedora 10 ships with 4.6.0-rc1 and has 4.6.0-rc3
available as an update. On older Fedora releases, you should stay with the
stable 4.4.2.x bugfix releases. Fedora 9 has, the latest 4.4.2.x
release. If you're still running Fedora 8 or older, upgrade NOW, Fedora 8
is no longer supported.

        Kevin Kofler

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