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Re: How to update from rpm 4.4 to rpm 5.0

Hi Kevin,
Please look at my reply to Kevin Fenzi re; where I got these RPMS:
in short, from
That will answer your questions :)

Yeah, I know it's "risky" business, updating from such repos.
But as I indicated to my reply to Kevin Fenzi, I a trying to solve
an rpmbuild problem.


Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
JD wrote:
Dear list,
My current system has


I want to update to

The 5.0 builds are made for my version of fedora.

How can I update to the new 5.0 stuff safely, so that
I am not left without an rpm tool.
The dependencies are so many, I am not sure how I can
update and not break the dependents.

1) I'm not sure where this RPM 5.0 comes from. I've just been to www.rpm.org, and the only versions available there are: 4.4.2, 4.5.90, and 4.6.0 rc versions. Since 4.6.0 rc3 is available in rawhide and FC10
where does version 5.0 come from?

2) Where did you get the builds for you version of fedora. What *is* your version of fedora?

3) What are the dependencies? If it was built for *your* version of fedora, there should be no dependency issues that are not resolvable through proper invocation of your favorite package manager (rpm, yum, packegkit, etc). Sounds more like the version you have (where it did come from) is *not* for you version of fedora. If that is the case, and you don't know how to handle the dependencies, I'd strongly recommend that you refrain from upgrading to it.

4) If you *do* attempt the upgrade and its breaks rpm for you, you'll have to rely on your rescue media to properly rescue your system and re-install a working rpm on it.

Personally, I enjoy breaking my system now and again (not that I do it on purpose), as I learn so much from fixing it (usually by hand, but in the extreme case by a premature update to rawhide, and by premature, I mean before I might have chosen to upgrade to rawhide on my own, which is almost never B^) But I did rescue a broken FC3 system from a failed FC4 upgrade by upgrading to FC5 about 1 month before its release.

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