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Re: Question for our users

I can only re-iterate my POV - i.e. I like Linux and FreeBSD
because they are works in progress. I don't care if something
is not working. I will just not use it, nor will I set it up
in a manner that will make my life depend on it.
So, accept FREE software as a gift- a great gift, by my reckoning.
You can ALWAYS go to windows, or may I suggest OS-X?



Ralf Corsepius wrote:
JD wrote:
Hey Arthur! Relax man!!! I agree with Ralf. Fedora IS ALWAYS a Beta!!!
Actually all software, even if labeled "RELEASE"
is always a beta. Why do you think there are always updates
and fixes and new versions?
Pardon, that's not my point.

I am not having much problems with seeing many updates/fixes, conversely I would expect a distributor to fix each and every bug/problem they get to know about, ASAP.

My point is Fedora being shipped equipped with knowingly broken, immature and incomplete pieces of SW having been made key-components of the OS.


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