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Re: How to update from rpm 4.4 to rpm 5.0

I did try and set up the dries.repo
It does not find this version of rpm there, because it
is in a different path, and they provide no appropriate
dir structure where yum gets to find what it needs for these
That is why I downloaded each one manually.

But - I have given up on that.
I decided to make and make install the ntfs-3g
without the benefit of having an rpm handle to un-install it later.
Perhaps I will have to keep the build dir so I can do  make uninstall
when it becomes necessary.



Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
JD wrote:
Hi Kevin,
Please look at my reply to Kevin Fenzi re; where I got these RPMS:
in short, from
That will answer your questions :)

No, but it does pose more questions!  B^)

Dries used to run a Fedora software repository. Most of his packages were sucked up into RPMFusion. It wouldn't surprise me if all were not. In order to be useful, if Dries is providing the RPMs for RPM 5.0, then you should be able to find all the necessary dependencies in the SAME REPOSITORY. Downloading just the RPM is the WRONG thing to do. Look into using yum and configuring the dries repository correctly.

In this case, look for the real Dries repository. F7 is no longer supported. Only a few sites have all of their packages and updates intact and available. You'd have to find all of the dependencies by yourself (through pbone.net) if you insist on going this route, and there is no guarantee you are going to find all of them!

My suggestion: Find RPMs you need in a current 3rd party Fedora Software repository, determine what release it is (F8? F9? F10???) and upgrade to that Fedora release before playing with RPM 5.0.

Yeah, I know it's "risky" business, updating from such repos.
But as I indicated to my reply to Kevin Fenzi, I a trying to solve
an rpmbuild problem.

I agree with others here. You are going way too far out of your way to try something that is not necessarily guaranteed to work, yes?

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