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Re: Samba and printer question.

I have shared cups printers through samba.
I had to add a user and password
via smbpasswd. After I had added the username
and created a password via smbpasswd, iI looked in
the file /etc/samba/smbusers to be sure the username
was there.
The client is supposed to provide the username
and password when connecting to the printer.
Also I checked /etc/samba/smb.conf for any
permission issues, such as:

hosts allow =  10.  172.
security = user
passdb backend = tdbsam

Also, the printer share itself:

[hp deskjet 5600]
  printer = raw
  comment = HP DeskJet 5600
  path = /var/spool/samba
  browseable = yes
  printer name = hpdj-5650w
# Set public = yes IF you want to allow user 'guest' to print
  guest ok = no
  writable = no
  printable = yes
  print command = /usr/bin/lpr -r -Phpdj-5650w %s
  lpq command = lpq -Phpdj-5650w
  lprm command = lprm -Phpdj-5650w %j
  lpstat command = /usr/bin/lpstat -t
#Required for XP?
;   use client driver = yes

All worked as expected.



Veli-Pekka Kestilä wrote:

I have a HP4050 printer which is connected trought hp-jetdirect. It works fine with cups, but I couldn't get it shared trough samba. It shows okay to my vista laptop, but it laptop couldn't connect to it. I can use cups so it's not a problem, but I would be interested to find out why it didn't work trough samba as I could end up seeing something similiar when at customer or somewhere else where using cups isn't an option.

Fedora version is 10. Samba and cups are latest available versions. Also I didn't really get any helpful errors in selinux or samba logs which would help solving this problem.


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