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Re: updateing ARGHH.

Craig White wrote:
On Tue, 2009-01-20 at 13:55 -0500, R. G. Newbury wrote:
From: Michael Comperchio <mcmprch gmail com>
Subject: Re: updateing ARGHH.

 > >
Ok so here's what 'yum' thinks...
 > > ffmpeg-libs-0.4.9-0.52.20080908.fc10.i386 : Libraries for ffmpeg
 > > Repo        : installed
 > > Matched from:
 > > Other       : Provides-match: libavcodec.so.51
 >I'm just not the sharpest tool in the shed I guess 'cuz I'm stumped....

I've been ARGGHH'd too. Try a 'rpm --force install ffmpeglibs...rpm' etc.

This is effectively a re-install of the rpm *and* updates the meta-data.
(And doesn't attempt, like 'yum remove', to remove every package which depends upon the one being (re)installed,
no wonder you like to run GUI as root...

It may be common practice for you to use --force or --nodeps in your own
package management but it's a whole 'nuther thing to recommend your bad
habits to others who might be less skilled or eager to try to repair a
damaged set of packages.

It was clear that the OP installed rpm's from Axel Thimm's repository
but does not have it configured so it can't update. The choice is left
to OP to either remove the packages he got from the other repository and
replace them with the packages from rpm-fusion or add atrpms and disable
rpm-fusion repos. Either way, he doesn't need to do something as drastic
or potentially as damaging as '--force'


Now this makes a little more sense. I errr....overlooked the part about protecting the repositories... so I did in fact have both repositories active, so must have screwed my own pooch, and, as usual, the pooch bit back. I have removed the atrpms from yum repo list, and run that little protection script (listed here: http://www.fedoraguide.info/index.php?title=Main_Page#Repositories). Now the question becomes how to know which packages came from which, and how to specifically uninstall them?

Thanks guys for all the great input.... even the root gui guy :)


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