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Re: Samba and printer question.

Veli-Pekka Kestilä wrote:
> Maybe I was littlebit unclear. Setup is so that Printer is connected to
> my F10 machine and shared to network trough samba running on that
> machine. Then I will try to use my Vista laptop to access thar printer
> share. This point I get error on vista that it's unable to connect the
> printer. Printer works fine on Linux.
> Normal file shares work without a problem from that server so user and
> so on is setup correctly. Most probably problem is either in samba
> access permissions on the Linux or between samba and cups. (So probably
> in either case I just don't get the config right.)
> Veli-Pekka
Now I understand. From what I have read, the SMB protocol used by
Vista is a little different, and Samba is not fully compatible with
it. You are better off using IPP to connect to CUPS with Vista. If
you can, try connecting from a system running XP and see if the
Samba connection works for you. That should tell you if it is a
Vista problem.


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