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Re: Samba and printer question.

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Veli-Pekka Kestilä wrote:
Maybe I was littlebit unclear. Setup is so that Printer is connected to
my F10 machine and shared to network trough samba running on that
machine. Then I will try to use my Vista laptop to access thar printer
share. This point I get error on vista that it's unable to connect the
printer. Printer works fine on Linux.

Normal file shares work without a problem from that server so user and
so on is setup correctly. Most probably problem is either in samba
access permissions on the Linux or between samba and cups. (So probably
in either case I just don't get the config right.)


Now I understand. From what I have read, the SMB protocol used by
Vista is a little different, and Samba is not fully compatible with
it. You are better off using IPP to connect to CUPS with Vista. If
you can, try connecting from a system running XP and see if the
Samba connection works for you. That should tell you if it is a
Vista problem.

That's what I have read also but originally people had problems with fileshares, which now seem to work quite well. Seems that the printer code isn't vista compatible yet. That's was mostly reason I asked as I didn't find any solutions when searching and trying one evening getting it working myself instead of doing my math execises. :)

Have to test kvm and install xp or 2003 server and see if they have issues with printing. It's allways nicer to be able to say someone that something isn't supported than just having to say that don't know how to do it.

Thanks for your help,

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