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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 3:05 PM, dvbchnc juno com <dvbchnc juno com> wrote:
> Is there any low cost High Speed Internet service for Linux?  ATT is offering their DSL Lite for 14.95 (10/month for a year), but for Windows 2000, AT, or Vista only.
> Could Wine fool ATT in to thinking it is a Windows 2000?
> Diane Vanden Broek

As long as the DSL box they provide has ethernet it shouldn't be a
problem... That being said if you have a problem you can't fix
yourself they may or may not help you.... I have DSL through
ATT/Bellsouth and haven't had any issues, however, I run mine through
a Netgear router.

The only problem I can think of that you might have is how it DSL box
"logs in", however, I got around that by finding out the IP of the box
which has some fairly extensive setting which are not locked out. In
one of the screens it allowed you to put in a username and password so
it will auto login. That way you don't need their software at all.

I'm at work now but if you want more info contact me off list and I'll
look at the model of my DSL box.If you can verify you're getting the
same box you should be fine.


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