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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

dvbchnc juno com wrote:
> Is there any low cost High Speed Internet service for Linux? ATT
> is offering their DSL Lite for 14.95 (10/month for a year), but for
> Windows 2000, AT, or Vista only.
> Could Wine fool ATT in to thinking it is a Windows 2000?
> Diane Vanden Broek 
You may have to borrow a Windows box to do the initial setup. After
that, it isn't a problem. I have not tried to run the setup program
under Wine. But the only thing you need it for is to generate the
account information. After that, you can setup the DSL modem to
handle the PPPoE, or you can get a hardware router/firewall to do
it. I am using SBCGlobal/AT&T right now. It is fine with Linux. If
they ever port their account setup to Linux, you will not need
Windows at all.


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