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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

Just tell them you have windows XP.
I assume you will hook up their modem to a router, right?
So, what OS you will be using is a moot issue.
They just do not want to get any support calls if you tell
them your OS is anything other than what they have trained
their phone support people to say/do (and they say lots of
dumb things for you to do - like power cycle the modem and
the PC :)

I have ATT Uverse with winXP and Linux clients on it. I never
bother them with any calls about any linux networking problems :)

Good luck.

dvbchnc juno com wrote:
Is there any low cost High Speed Internet service for Linux?  ATT is offering their DSL Lite for 14.95 (10/month for a year), but for Windows 2000, AT, or Vista only.

Could Wine fool ATT in to thinking it is a Windows 2000?

Diane Vanden Broek
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