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Re: Will Fedora 9 get 2.6.28?

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 17:41:14 -0500,
  aragonx dcsnow com wrote:
Hello all,

The subject says it all really.  I'm running Fedora 9 and want to use
EXT4.  I realize there is support in the 2.6.27 but I've read that all the
goddies are not in until 2.6.28.  So, will Fedora 9 get it or do I have to
upgrade to Fedora 10?

There was a test build of 2.6.28 for F9 on koji, but more recent builds
for F9 have been 2.6.27 kernels. So it looks like it is being considered,
but isn't ready yet. Even for F10 no 2.6.28 kernels have been pushed to
updates or updates-testing. I am running the
kernel right now and it seems to be running OK.

That's amusing because rawhide has kernel-2.6.29-0.43.rc2.git1.fc11

Are we skipping 2.6.28 entirely for 2.6.29? I'm waiting for gspca support for my ALi m5602 webcam which is supposed to be in either 2.6.28 or 2.6.29....

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
cummings kjchome homeip net
cummings kjc386 framingham ma us
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