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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

JD wrote:
> Just tell them you have windows XP.

does not matter about os, other than supplied cd has diagnostics on
disk that only run under msbsos.

> I assume you will hook up their modem to a router, right?

dsl modem supplied thru southeast is a lowly, cheap westell is a 4 port.

> They just do not want to get any support calls if you tell
> them your OS is anything other than what they have trained
> their phone support people to say/do

but they are learning. out of 8 calls that i have made for support, last
2 where able to talk a little linux. so there is hope.

somewhere like 4th call, i asked for a supervisor and explained why, that
if att/bellsouth wanted to get more dsl business, then they would need to
get some of their support personal setup with linux diagnostics, even if
it was a select group only available during certain hours.

also, i explained to her that it would be good for them to join some of the
linux tsl as it would also be of help to tech support and help build their
diagnostics. she said she would present information.

how far it went, i do not know, but as stated, last 2 calls were to personal
that were aware of linux. and a question like 'are your network manager
configuration files correct?' made it sound a little more promising.

granted, i did not ask how they were aware of 'network manager configuration
files', but next time i hear promising words i will ask.

peace out.



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