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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

gerrynix wrote:
> Log into your router (see the docs :) and fill in the ppoe info
> in the appropriate interface page of the router. In many cases,
> it's the router that handles the auth. The "Windows" software
> that comes with the kit, simply does that (as above) for you.

Where do you get the user name/password? When I did my setup, the
Windows program asked for a bunch of information, and then gave me
the user name/password for the PPPoE connection.

I know a bit about accessing the router or modem. In my case, then
only provided a one port modem, and I added my own wireless router.
I have the option of doing the PPPoE on the modem, on the router, or
on the computer. Doing it on the modem or router are the most
practical ways to do it. (But I can think of some applications where
you would want to do it on the computer.) I have the modem set up to
do it at home. I have several user names/password combinations that
will work for the PPPoE now, though only one does not block outgoing
port 25 connections.


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