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Re: updateing ARGHH.

On Tue, 2009-01-20 at 19:24 -0500, Michael Comperchio wrote:

> Well... I removed completely
> xine-lib-extras-freeworld k3b-extras-freeworld gstreamer-ffmpeg
> this allowed the yum update to complete. At this point I still had the atrpms	 being included. Once someone suggested suggested that I probably have conflicting repos I revisited the atrpms repo and removed it. But I'm now not able to reinstall the above packages. I'm not really hip to what all the different packages do, so can't decide if I'm really missing something :) But, like all good geeks, I'd like to not leave this issue unresolved. So...
> ---------------------------------------------------
> [Michael merlin ~]$ yum repolist
> Loaded plugins: protectbase, refresh-packagekit
> repo id                                     repo name                                                      status
> adobe-linux-i386                            Adobe Systems Incorporated                                     enabled:     17
> fedora                                      Fedora 10 - i386                                               enabled: 11,416
> google                                      Google - i386                                                  enabled:      2
> rpmfusion-free                              RPM Fusion for Fedora 10 - Free                                enabled:    324
> rpmfusion-free-updates                      RPM Fusion for Fedora 10 - Free - Updates                      enabled:    256
> rpmfusion-nonfree                           RPM Fusion for Fedora 10 - Nonfree                             enabled:    142
> rpmfusion-nonfree-updates                   RPM Fusion for Fedora 10 - Nonfree - Updates                   enabled:    154
> updates                                     Fedora 10 - i386 - Updates                                     enabled:  2,694
> repolist: 15,005
> [Michael merlin ~]$
> ----------------------------------------
> I do appreciate the help guys, this kind of support from the user community is a BIG reason to keep using Linux, and Fedora. Now if only I could remember /figure out how to have unique backgrounds on my different workspaces.
seems to me that 

yum install xine-lib-extras-freeworld \
 k3b-extras-freeworld \

would work based upon the above repos being enabled so I have to wonder
if protectbase is stopping it. I'm not a user of protectbase and I
somewhat think that plugins such as protectbase cause problems that
users aren't capable of solving.

I also don't know anything at all about yum-presto which is near the top
of the recommendations (I only breezed the fedoraguide.info page) and I
also wonder if that is useful and doubt its necessity.

You might try disabling protectbase to get the above installed because I
think with just those repositories, protectbase isn't needed. If you add
a repository with clashes (i.e. atrpms), then perhaps protectbase or
maybe even the priorities plugin would be useful but again, these
plugins can make updating a problem without much explanation.


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