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Re: updateing ARGHH

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Craig, if you took the time to rethink your desire to jump on comments
> like an attack dog and rephrased them to be personally neutral, you
> might not get called names in response. Your ad-hominem attacks on me
> don't make you look any better, nor any smarter. And to be blunt, I have
> been insulted by better people than you. You comments are petty and not
> even pedantic and not helpful. You do not explain why --force is *so*
> bad. You just want to trash me. That does not help the OP, which is the
> reason he posted in the first place.
> Geoff
> Who at least tries to help when he posts.
I think it is more the fact that you are showing that you do not
understand the risks that is bothering Craig. It is one thing if you
want to risk your own system, but it is another things when you are
risking someone else's system.

Trying to help is a good thing. But you should know the risks of
your advice, and point them out to the person you are advising. I
have a bunch of short cuts I am comfortable using on my own system
that I would never advise someone on the list to use. I know the
risks involved, and how to fix things if I goof.

When giving people advice, you also have to take into account that
if they are getting advice from someone else, they may take your
advice, and try to combine it with the other advice, and the mix can
cause unintended problems.

One last point - the rpm command line you put in your post was not
in the proper format. You were mixing yum and rpm command syntax.
This does not work.

I haven't lost my mind. It's around here...somewhere.

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