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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

g wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> The problem was not entering setup - it was that they did not supply
>> the account user name/password with the home installation kit. The
>> Windows program was what gave you that information. It is kind of
>> hard to set up PPPoE without that information.
> how could name/password be supplied on cd for a user when it is not known
> when cd is burned? and i would hope that who ever burned cd would not know
> my name/password, which are what i gave when i signed up by calling in on
> voice line.
> already having a 2wire homeportal, i was told to use ppoe, vpi=0, and vci=35.
> or am i not following what you are trying to explain?
> and no, i am not trying to be a 'was', i am trying to understand what is
> advantage of having to use a cd just to setup a dsl modem under linux or ms.
You are not following. The information was not on the CD, but the
program on the CD new how take the information the user supplied,
connect to a computer at the phone company over the DSL, and get
your user name and password. From what I understand, the username
was generated from your first initial and last name, with a check to
see if that was used. I don't remember for sure, but I believe you
could pick your own password. (If not, you could change it as soon
as you got online.)

While I do not know the technical details, I suspect that the
software could do a PPPoE connection to a specific computer to do
the registration.

Note - this software is different then the Windows package that you
use to get online once your account is set up. From what others have
said, you can do the same thing by going to tech support. But you
know what it is like dealing with tech support - it is faster to run
the program.

I hope it has changed here sense the last time I have had to deal
with this, but considering the sales droids we have around here, I
drought it. Maybe it is better in other areas?


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