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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

g wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> bruce wrote:
>>> the user/passwd for the dsl modem.. normally (in my case) has come from
>>> att...
>> In my case, with SBC, I had to run the Windows program to get them.
>> It may depend on what the local phone company was before it was
>> gobbled up by AT&T.
> then that is a problem you two had when you registered.
> as stated in other post, i told at&t/bellsouth what i wanted as login name
> and login password.
> granted, my first choice was simply 'leem', but i was told it was in use.
> i later found out, my cousin had already registered it.
> as for password, i told them what i wanted for password.
It is probably the difference between AT&T/BellSouth, and our
flavour of AT&T/SBC. (It was Ameritech here before SBC absorbed it.)
We did not have the option of picking the login name. On top of
that, everything goes through Yahoo. You can tie your SBC account to
an existing Yahoo account. But your mail goes through Yahoo's
servers, and you can login to Yahoo using your complete email
address and password. You also access your account information,
manage emails accounts, etc through Yahoo.


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