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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

Richard Shaw wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 8:41 PM, g <geleem bellsouth net> wrote:
>> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>>> The problem was not entering setup - it was that they did not supply
>>> the account user name/password with the home installation kit. The
>>> Windows program was what gave you that information. It is kind of
>>> hard to set up PPPoE without that information.
>> how could name/password be supplied on cd for a user when it is not known
>> when cd is burned? and i would hope that who ever burned cd would not know
>> my name/password, which are what i gave when i signed up by calling in on
>> voice line.
>> already having a 2wire homeportal, i was told to use ppoe, vpi=0, and vci=35.
>> or am i not following what you are trying to explain?
>> and no, i am not trying to be a 'was', i am trying to understand what is
>> advantage of having to use a cd just to setup a dsl modem under linux or ms.

> In my case is I received a "Home Setup Kit" from AT&T/Bellsouth where

'kit' i got had cd, simple instruction booklet and an additional sheet
with info. none of which was needed as i had already setup with 2wire
homeportal. when it first stopped working, i did get it back up with
help of tech support going into it and making some changes.

second time it quit, tech support told me it was no longer supported
and i had to use westell modem. which i did set up, but did not like
finding out that i could not disable ping. i put up with it, watching
traffic meter showing that i continuously had someone knocking to get
in. firewall keep them out, but after a week of it, i started complains
again and finely got another 2wire, 2701hg-b to replace westell. when
girl told me i was going to get a 2wire 4 port plus wireless, i almost
yelled out 'great'. i have had nothing but satisfaction from then on.

only problem i have had is reaching behind unit and with out looking,
plugging modem line into port. this does not work and kills telco line.

after second time of doing this and a service tech coming out to check
problem, i have not done so again. [i unplug all cables and shut down
fully when ever a thunder storm rolls in.]

only thing i do not like about wireless is that i have yet to find a
way to do a band scan. it is selected to a fix frequency in configuration
so there is no easy way to see what my neighbors are up to. ;o)

peace out.



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