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Latest Fedora (F10) release/build with all updates/bug fixes

Where can I download latest fedora 10 release with all the updates and bug fixes applied till date? Is such latest release maintained by fedora project. Few days back I was trying to install F10 on IBM server with Adaptec SCSI controller card, soon after selecting the language and keyboard options (during install); installer hangs and I can not proceed. When I reboot to try again, I observe that my RAID array status changes to degraded and same problem continues. When I searched (Gooogle) for this problem; I got following bug report on bugzilla.
Bug 473305 - Booting from SCSI/RAID device fails:


Fedora 10 i386 hang on SCSI boot:


But I surprised when I tried the same instllation with Fedora Core 6; I installed it successfully without any problems, the only difference I saw during install is FC6 installs SCSI controller drivers before installation starts where as F10 does not!

Any solutions are welcome!



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