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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

Tim wrote:

> You want to look for software to play with the wireless interface on
> your computer, not the router, so *it* scans to see what's around.

of this i am aware, and if i had a wireless card, i would use it for scans.

i inherited an smc smcwpci-g, which is atheros based, but i am too much
of a linux purist to put ms drivers and wrappers in system to use it.

when funds build, i will get a wireless card that does not need a wrapper
to install it.

for now, i am staying with secure hardwire.

> It's a pity that the bar graphs that NetworkManager shows you for different
> access points doesn't also tell you what channel they use.

have faith. networkmanager is a 'dirty diaper' and in time, soon i hope, it
will get to where it needs to be. right now, they have too much else to get
straightened out before they get the 'bells' ringing.

> My access point is supposed to have an auto scanning feature to pick the
> best free channel.  It doesn't, it picks the worst...

what are you using?

peace out.



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