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Re: Fedora Core 6 updates ?

On Wed, 21 Jan 2009 16:40:12 +0530
"Rahul Tidke" <rahul excelize com> wrote:

> Just install FC 6 and connect to internet; yum will automatically
> display a message for available updates. FC 6 still receives updates
> long after its EOL. Last week I installed FC 6 and soon after the
> first boot "Updates Available" dialog box shown in GNOME.

This is completely an illusion. 

If you install FC6 from the release images, you will indeed show some
updates on first boot up. However, those will be the only updates you
will ever get. Those would be the updates that were released during the
life of FC6. 

FC6 no longer gets any updates at all. No security. No bugfixes. No

If you need versions of software that were available at the time of
FC6, do consider using RHEL5 or Centos5 (which are based on that
release) instead as they do still get updates. 

> Regards
> Rahul. 


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