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Re: Internal IDE DVD Burner

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Robin Laing wrote:
Actually, the sensors which are on the mother board can only tell the
correct voltage if they are accurate.  In my case, the sensors were
reading +5.4V when the DVM was telling me +4.7 at the mother board

Reading through the sensors setup I found that the sensors are not
accurate.  I was not impressed in this day and age.  If I had not had
issues with a new DVD burner I would never had checked the voltages
because the BIOS reading was giving me a green light.

I should compare my new system to the sensors reading.

One other thing to keep in mind - the DVM reading may also be off.
You may need to have the DVM calibrated - most low priced DVMs are
not calibrated from the factory. Even high-end DVMs should be
calibrated if high accuracy is important. They should also be
calibrated periodically to make sure they are still reading
correctly. I have seen that much variation in brand new DVMs just
out of the packaging. I am surprised that the motherboard sensors
are as accurate as they are. As far as I know, they are not
calibrated at all. (Maybe server motherboards, but not consumer
quality boards.)

Just for fun, grab 3 DVMs at random, and hook all 3 to the same
source, and see if they read the same.


I agree. I run into this at work all the time. We do have a reference here for checking meters.

It was both the BIOS and the sensors that said the voltage was correct. I did a search and found that the BIOS readings are not that accurate either because the load on the system can change the actual working voltages.

Sensors needs to be calibrated but I never really got around to it as the voltages were within .1 volt between sensors and BIOS. At least that is what I believed from checking the BIOS voltage and the sensors after Linux was loaded.

Robin Laing

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