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Re: eth0 not working - fine in Windows

2009/1/21 Chris <chris1 noreply googlemail com>:
> Strange that it works fine in Windows though. That link-detect setting
> sounds like a useful lead. I'll try it tonight after work.

Well I tinkered around for ages and didn't get anywhere. Finally
decided I might have to buy a new motherboard, CPU, RAM. Looked around
and found one that looked good but wasn't sure about Linux
compatibility for the Realtek LAN chip. Googled for the chip and found
a post on the ubuntu forums referring to it, but it also mentioned the
symptom I was having:


It turned out I just had to power the machine off, disconnect the LAN
cable and power to the PC, wait a minute, reconnect the network cable
and power on again, now everything's working again!

I was so close to spending a bunch of cash on a new setup. I'm still
tempted actually after doing all that research, but at least my Linux
setup is back up and kicking.

Cheers, Chris.

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