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Re: eth0 not working - fine in Windows

Chris wrote:
2009/1/21 Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au>:
On Wed, 2009-01-21 at 22:31 +0000, Chris wrote:
It turned out I just had to power the machine off, disconnect the LAN
cable and power to the PC, wait a minute, reconnect the network cable
and power on again, now everything's working again!
Sometimes a cold reset is necessary.  I've come across hardware, before,
that doesn't get properly initialised when warm booting.  The drivers
should do that, or the motherboard should send a reset pulse that
hardware actually obeys, but it doesn't happen (in those cases).

Indeed. I've worked in computing for a long time with a wide variety
of hardware but I'd never seen this symptom before.

Part of the problem is that at work, the machines are on a workbench
so you tend to pull out cables and move the machine around. At home,
the PC is under the desk so it just sits there and I didn't think
about pulling the cables.

Constant learning process I guess,

I think this comes from the "wake on LAN" (WOL) feature of most modern
mobos.  To make it go completely dead, you need to unplug the net cable.

Perhaps there's a BIOS setting to have the system ignore that feature?
I can understand that if WOL is active, you don't want a boot to reset
the NIC (that would sorta defeat the purpose of WOL).  If WOL isn't
needed, a boot should reset the NIC completely.

Just an idea.
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