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Re: source RPMs and updating

Todd Zullinger wrote:
brian wrote:
I've built my own Postfix package from SRPM and have recently updated it. To do so, I used the newer SRPM and repeated the process.

But, I'm wondering if, once a package has been built, can it be updated using a pre-built RPM without losing the specs used to
build the original? Or, will the newer RPM simply override
everything according to how it was built?

Just to clarify, the original built-from-source package was: postfix-2.5.1-1.sasl2.spf.fc8.i386.rpm

I'm a bit confused, but I think that what you're saying you've done
is that you changed some of the default build options for postfix and
 created your own binary package.  Correct?

If so, then you'll need to do the same thing again to build an
updated postfix package.

Yeah, that's what I've been doing the last few upgrades for
Postfix: rebuilding a new package from SRPM.

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