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Re: firewall url filter

roland wrote:

I have a network with a fedora-server and several workstations-Vista Microsoft (client doesn't want any linux pc's). The users are connected to the internet via a router Lancom.

The client wants to prevent users to connect to sex sites.

Can I use the fedora-box as a firewall, filtering several url's or filtering several keywords?

Maybe someone has the same problem.

Thanks for help

I saw someone mention DansGuardian, another solution is set up a transparent squid, if you are using the fedora box inline. You would need two packages to accomplish this, Squid and SquidGuard. Both are simple to set up and are very good in terms of speed and transparency. Though if you were not bound to FOSS and had the budget for it, I would suggest a quicker and more robust/reliable solution of using a Bluecoat.


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