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Re: FC9 for a ASUS Eee 700

Andras Simon wrote:
On 1/12/09, Andras Simon <szajmi gmail com> wrote:
On 1/12/09, Robert Moskowitz <rgm htt-consult com> wrote:

I might have a lot open, and want the option of picking up where I left
off. Like I had to use the facilities on the plane, and don't want to
run the battery down... (or even while eating a meal on a transatlantic).

Because of this and because function keys don't work in F10, I use F9
with an old kernel+madwifi. A newer F9 kernel without madwifi may also
work. F10 will probably not.

The bugzilla page above now has the fix for the suspended wifi problem
(briefly: get a 2.6.28 kernel). Also, most function keys do work after
applying the procedure described here:


Update to FC10 kernel-2.6.27 it will recognize the card right out of the box. I have a eeePC 701 and it works great, if you do upgrade get that madwifi drive out, or it will conflict with new driver.

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